Monday, 31 July 2017

Drawn in Chelsea

Working drawings. I used to do all my work from life as a finished piece in it's own right. My theatres are a halfway house of the process, but these are the genuine article. Not intended for public view (even though they're on here) created on layout paper and certainly not finished. The Sloane Square lamp will be reduced, traced off on a lightbox and then will end up as a neat little drawing with my carbon pen in carbon ink. The rather bizarre one on the right is the base of a drawing I did complete from life, of the two boys lighting the lamp by Cadogan Pier. I ran out of space when I first drew it, and I'd promised myself I'd go back and finish it off. This likewise will be put through the scanner and with the help of some reference shots to fill in the details, will somehow join its other half.I did do a couple more this afternoon, but they really are only intelligible to me ;)