Monday, 29 May 2017

How the ruby went down

Ruby 2

Ruby 3
Ruby 1 & 4
Three drawings, four attempts. Rubies are not like their Corundum counterparts, the sapphires. They do not have the same clear transparent nature, and their red-orangey colour towards the girdle made it difficult for me to get it looking good next to the pinky- red nearer the culet. Next problem was that I was getting the paint on rather thick, so it was looking more like an oil painting, not watercolourish at all. Time to try again, but Ruby 3 came out too flat and blurry. On to the next, which turned out just as bad, even though I managed to get more definition on the facets.

This was the time to revist the original and see if with a little acceptance of a ruby's characteristics, and those of Alizarin and Cadmium red, had I done such a bad job afterall? 

Nothing that a damp brush couldn't fix, no. This was bourne out by that great arbiter of worth; the new amount of likes on Instagram.