Friday, 29 April 2016

More fish in the sea, and in Waitrose

For The South Woodford Village Gazette

Rather more organic than architecture but the rules of proportion remain the same. I drew this in pencil on site, in Waitrose, with permission, and watercolored it at home. On this one, I found that  when drawing architectural pieces, I prefer buildings with quirky details, on these fish, it was making the plain ones recognisable that I enjoyed the most. In this case, the Plaice and the Squids.

Point Me to the Skies, St Katherine Cree

Point Me to the Skies
Photo: Thomas Corrie

Planning a solo show is an amazing experience, which lasts six months. Don't even think about doing one in less. The reason it takes so long, is that your ideas on presentation need six months to reach their optimum visual impact. You can think of everything, just not all at the same time. There will always be unforeseen circumstances and there is no point in fretting about what they might be; that's why they're called unforeseen. The thing is, be flexible, adaptive, communicative and friendly. Stay focused on what you want from your show, whether it's sales, contacts, or press, and make sure everything you do plays up to what your work is about. Below, with John Goodall of Country Life magazine, third from left.

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