Saturday, 11 October 2014

Are we nearly there yet?

 South Woodford Station. Pencil 105 x 149 mm
The learning process is part of the making. Learning is time consuming, and the more time spent doing that, is what really counts. I feel that in education today, particularly in schools, the emphasis is on producing 'something at the end of the lesson'. The 'outcome' often equates more with a ticked 'to do' list, than with any developed ability in the child concerned.
It doesn't matter if your instrument is a sax or a paint brush, whether you dance, write or even cook; 
"... the most important thing is to be able to command your        instrument to the point it becomes a natural extension of you. That takes time. But take the time to focus on your sound. Make each note beautiful. ... Remember that audiences don't hear notes, they hear music. They don't hear individual letters or words, they hear a story."   Andre 'Saxman' Brown, on Facebook