Sunday, 18 May 2014

OCD ...

Today I laid to rest, albeit briefly, the idea that I have to do at least four of everything; and all in the same format. 

Some scenes work in portrait, in pencil, and some don't. Just because I had drawn two, didn't mean to say that the other views from the same place, were going to give the same vibe or the same look as the previous ones. I was after a good focal point, a bit of distant horizon, and different levels of cranes and buildings. An obsessive compulsion is good; when it becomes disordered; walk away.

From One New Change roof terrace. Pencil 210 x 149 mm

Friday, 9 May 2014

Crossing over

Jay Scott & The Find

Corner Savoy


A couple of days ago I had the chance again to do some live gig drawing, an Italian jazz group in Foyle's cafe, Charing Cross Road. After I'd finished, I though about the difference a couple of months had made since drawing Jay Scott & The Find in Hoxton Square. I had drawn Jay Scott's group pretty much in the same way as i had approach my figure drawing, multiple layers trying to get the stances right and trying to turn their faces into a portrait.

For Roundella, I went for the 'get it down with minimum lines' look I had used on Corner Savoy. Moving ways of working across genres is a whizzo idea. I have learnt that more lines doesn't necessarily make for a better piece. You don't always have to show how you got there.