Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Stand clear of the closing doors ...

      Leytonstone and Leyton Tube stations. Pencil and fineliner 

A little exercise in timed drawing. See what can be accomplished in the time it takes for the doors to open and close. This doesn't necessarily work at all stations though. A blank wall and no people could be lacking on the interest front. I did these with my trusty clutch pencil then inked in later. One day i shall learn to let go completely :) 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pre-paid Off Peak One Day Oyster

Liverpool Street Mainline Station, London. Pencil 140 x 90 mm 

This was done on the way back from a freezing cold drawing trip in Great St Helen's. I would have stayed out longer and gone on to my next location but as I'd already mucked up one picture (because of the cold, of course) I thought I'd look for something else to do.  I want to do more of people in environments rather than in isolation. I got the figure down first with the fixtures where they relate to the body. Then after he'd moved away I could spend time tweaking the ticket machine. People tend to stay in one position while buying tickets. It's still a bit of a race against the clock but at least I'm not running for a train.