Friday, 12 October 2012

Saturday and Sunday

The Woodford Wheezards. Pencil  140 x 180 mm

My Funny Valentine and Dancing in the Dark. Pencil 140 x 180 mm

On Saturday, it was the beginning of the Woodford Festival. Wandering up George Lane, I spotted The Woodford Wheezards playing on a mobile stage. Naturally, I got the pencil out and started drawing. As there were three visible, I thought I would try a group shot. Having to capture three poses plus instruments means having to keep your eye on the action and your pencil moving at the same time. Getting the instruments right was important to me, because if they turn out badly proportioned,the drawing would have lost any credibility.

I drew the other two guys' faces with out looking at the paper and discovered if you hold your nerve and do this, the results are much better. Capturing expression like this is very important as  dithering about and looking down too much will only result in 'missing the moment' Remember, he who hesitates is lost. These are on http//