Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Condensed Jim

Jim on the platform. Pencil 170 x 130 mm 

Another reference to X Factor. I know there are lots of reasons and vagaries in the public vote but I think it's worth using Jade's exit to focus on the difference between taking a risk to maybe suit your audience and developing/using your gifts to grow artistically. 

I have been looking at the work of the wonderful Rick Tulka.
He draws people in cafes and museums using the slightly wicked touch of the caricature. Next summer, I hopefully will be drawing visitors at a fund raising event at West Hatch High School. To be able to work within the allocated time I will have to adjust my approach to a more 'condensed' style. The Jim drawing above is beginning a shift from my other 'renaissance' type work to a more contemporary lighter style. It is a development of what I already do, not an instant 'let's try something else'. By the way, I think Jade is great.