Thursday, 27 September 2012

In the beginning was the word ...

and welcome to Art on the Left! 

The rational behind this blog is that it is dedicated to the making of art from a left brain auditory (language) preference, the way I do it, and if my research is right, so do a great many other people. I also think many more would be making art utilising their natural preferences if they had faith in their own type. More about that another day though. 

   Pair of Cranes on the Thames at Greenwich. Pencil 22.9 x 15 cms. 

To start off with (and for no other reason that this drawing is quite recent) I just want to show that depicting a quite complicated scene at a distance needn't be a scary prospect if it is approached by making all things relative.

This took me about an hour and a quarter. Decide which thing is the most important. Keep in mind how much of the surroundings you would like to include. Decide on a scale to work from and start on the main object and work outwards from that point. From here on everything relates to the first decision made; the size and position on the paper of the first line.